Website promotion in Inkapi

Promoting website by yourself is possible

In order to attract users to your website and promote it, it needs to be present in the search results of different search engines. Here are some suggestions which will help you promote your website on your own. You have to remember that top ten websites of the search results are subject to strict selection. Search engines set high requirements for these websites. We suggest you:

  1. Define your key words and only afterwards fill the website with contents where you place the key words.
  2. Fill the website with unique content. The information displayed on your website should not be copied from other webpages.
  3. Think over your website design. It should help users to get to the main information which the website is created for.
  4. Don't place headings in image formats, only texts are indexed by search robots.

You should always remember that Google and other search engines unwillingly index and never rank highly the websites which:

  1. Don't have unique content and are filled with information copied from other websites;
  2. Websites that have meaningless text;
  3. Websites that don't provide any special service, but are just content aggregators;
  4. Websites with text that is hard to read, websites with invisible or hardly noticeable text;
  5. Websites which contain lists of search requests meant for tricking the search engines.

Website promotion in Inkapi

In the site management system of the "Inkapi" project there is "Self promotion" menu. We suggest you to use "Registration in search engines" section and add your website to search engines. By using "Search query analysis" section you can view which queries and in what form are mostly requested by the users of search engines. This information helps you efficiently write texts on your website using key words by which you want your website to be found by.

This is just a minor part of small details which influence the findability of a website in search engines. You have to understand that SEO is a dynamic field, subject to frequent changes. Even professionals are surprised by the speed of changes in ranking algorithms of search engines. It is important to learn new materials on this subject and keep track of the incoming information.

We are professionals in this field. Professional website promotion services is a paid option in our project. There are different service packages, the purpose of which is to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding clients. More information about the services' content and pricing is available in the management system of your website.