About "Inkapi" project

Inkapi today

Inkapi is one of the largest search engines for companies and covers such countries as Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic.

We gather and structure various information about businesses all over the project's geography, beyond the catalogue of companies and free website building system.

The central portal of Inkapi project is www.inkapi.com. It is the best place for beginners to start their introduction to the project and for advanced users to learn all the necessary information. The main page of "Inkapi" is meant to answer user questions about services and special offers, it also helps finding answers to frequently asked questions and provides guidelines for website building on "Inkapi" platform.

Despite the fact that Inkapi was initially introduced as a project meant for business, with free services, in the process of expansion and upgrading paid services became relevant as well. These services stimulate further development and strengthen technical background. One of the main paid services of the project is "Standart" package.

The geography of the project is so extensive that it doesn't allow to place all the necessary information just on the central portal. Thus more than 550 city business portals were created to represent the project in the cities of Russia and CIS. The portals help people to search for special-purpose information about companies and view news of the city as well as use all the opportunities of the project.


The project is daily used by thousands of people. Some create webpages, edit information, load different content and news, create internet stores or in other words build full-fledged websites. Other users consume the results of their work, looking for necessary information by the means of the search system and visiting company websites created on "Inkapi" platform.